Sunday, March 3, 2024

 I roller packed the main trail and dog track this morning . Conditions are still fair in heavily treed spots on the dogtrack and main track . Good in the open areas which have about a 4 " base now.


Saturday, March 2, 2024

 I roller packed the main track and Dog track this afternoon . We had about 10 " of snow , that packed down to about 2" the conditions are good considering the spring we have had . There isn't enough snow to set a track .

There are a couple wet spots that will be covered by the current snow fall .The dog track is packed to the sand pit and is fair to good depending on how close to town you are.
The forecast is for cooler temperatures , and a bit of new snow , so if you haven't already put your skis away you might get a couple more skis in.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Nordic ski trail grooming report for Wednesday Feb 14 2024
Its a sad Valentine's Day at Kaslo Nordic ski trails!!......Ski trails remain closed due to continuing icey and hazardous conditions. We roller packed the thin moist layer of new snow this past Monday to gain any little advantage in continuing our ski season. The hard ice layer base prevents grooming and track setting, and by Tuesday the hazardous rocks, roots, and open ground were evident once more.
Here's hoping for some fresh snow!
Wayne Campbell and Stu Heard

Monday, February 5, 2024


Saturday, February 3, 2024

 Nordic Tracks closed!

It is with regret that we are shutting down the maintenance of the Nordic tracks as of today! Due to lack of snow, rocks are exposed, large swaths of mud block the trails making for unsafe conditions to ski. The sketchy ski conditions and the potential damage to the groomer mean that we will no longer be maintaining the trails until further notice (as in 1 m of snow???)
Once again, thanks to the community of skiers for your support this year of our very short ski season. Also a very special thank you to the 13 volunteers who laid tracks in all kinds of weather this year to provide the community with safe and accessible ski trails.
Let's hope for more snow!
Dan Miles

 I set track from the parking lot to Moose Meadows and the main track to the prayer flags

Track conditions to the prayer flags are ski-able but conditions are deteriorating in this rain with puddles, rocks and dirt showing, lengthy ice stretches.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Kaslo Nordic ski trail report for Thursday Feb 1 by Stu Heard
With this ongoing warmth and rain, ski conditions continue to deteriorate but skiing is certainly still possible and enjoyable. The set tracks from Hwy 31A parking lot to the prayer flags is skiiable with soft snow, some wet track areas, some rocks and bare ground areas. Watch for a recent rockfall that is marked by caution pin flags between the parking lot and Moose Meadows. The dog trail has not been track set recently due to thinning snow conditions along that trail.
If it continues to not freeze overnight, skiing is soft with good kick and glide if using non-wax skis, and some folks are enjoying good skate skiing in this soft conditions. Air temperature at MM Cabin at 8am this morning was +2C.
Happy Trails